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Famous "ESPN 2 Johnny Extreme Commercial"

Interactive characters and comedy!

A Small Sampling of Francine's Outrageous Characters:


Francine as

JOAN CRAWFORD as "Mommie Dearest":

No more boring presentations. 
Just watch Joan wreak havoc with your guests!

(Comes with her own metal hangers!)

Joan with Walter Winchell-type 40's broadcaster
(more Joan character photos below)


Joan and Rita Hayworth are pictured here on the SS American Victory Ship with their adoring fans in the armed forces from WW II!

Francine as Joan w Rita Francine as Joan w Rita

Joan with Elvis

Francine with Elvis  


Francine as

and at a divot stomp!


Seen here with David Faustino

(Bud from TV's "Married With Children" fame)
Francine as



Francine as CONFUCIUS


Zany antics from an old-world fortune teller!  For an extra fee, she will bring along her cousin -- Count Ziggalofsky, known as Count Ziggy!




Francine as Joan Rivers


She's had so much plastic surgery done, she hardly looks like Joan anymore, (her fondest critics say she looks like an aging Marilyn Monore), but her sharp wit and interview skills will keep you laughing on the red carpet!




Francine as  Bitsy Mae Harper Francine as CONFUCIUS

Bitsy Mae Harper

The tackiest ex-con country

western singer--who longs to be rich white trash!


Chinese Philosopher from 2,000 years ago with a modern twist—brings his own fortune cookies!