Heights Melts Introduces the “ZaZu Zandwich” for Children’s Home Network in Tampa!!

Posted on March 1, 2018 by francinewolf

I’m so excited to introduce this special Zandwich!  Please visit #HeightsMelts in downtown Tampa to purchase one or more!!

Say hello to March’s Melt of the Month, the “ZaZu Zandwich.” This beauty was created to support Children’s Home Network in partnership with local actress Francine Wolf and ZaZu Productions – Entertainment with PiZzaZz!. It’s piled high with juicy pork roll and prosciutto, then topped with jalapeño-infused apple compote, blue cheese and arugula. Did we mention it’s served on a pretzel bun?

ZaZu Zandwich – roasted pork and prosciutto topped with jalapeño infused apple compote, blue cheese spread and arugula, served on a soft pretzel bun. The ZaZu Zandwich was co-created by Francine Wolf to benefit The Children’s Home Network! 15% of every sandwich sold in the month of March will benefit the organization.

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