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Welcome to the world of ZaZu Productions, L.L.C., located in Tampa Bay, Florida, specializing in entertainment with piZaZz! ZaZu provides shows and workshops, private coaching in the business of acting and improv, and entertainment for special events. Please email or call me today to discuss your specific needs.

"Half-Baked Boomer" Solo Performance show is Traveling the Fringe Festival Circuit and Booking Locally!

Click this box for info on my "Half-Baked Boomer" show at the PortFringe in Portland, Maine June 13-16!
Great shows in Fresno, CA at the Rogue Festival on March 2, 3, 7 and 8th, 2019 at Fulton Street Art! Click this box for more info!
Meet and Greet the Stars of "The Slumber Party Massacre" at the Tampa Theatre Produced by ZaZu Productions in 2018

“Cellmate Confessions”

An Original Play Conceived and Directed by Joseph Alan Johnson

Featuring Francine Wolf

After a successful run to standing room only at The Studio@620 in St. Petersburg, ZaZu Productions brought this play to the Straz Center in Tampa. Inspired by local “mug shot” tabloids and internet sites, Cellmate Confessions is a kaleidoscope of the stories behind the photos. The names have been changed. 


Reviews and Testimonials

Francine Wolf is a dynamic performer and Half-Baked Boomer is a delightful show.
                                              Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters, producers, Countdown Improv Festival

Being part of Francine’s improv audience triggered something within me to dream big…watching Francine’s live performance makes you want to jump up and perform! Excellent role model and leader!

                                                                Melissa Nieuwoudt,  Johannesburg, South Africa

 …Francine Wolf …turns in a solid performance… 

                                                                             Review of “Lysistrata” at American Stage – Mark Leib, Creative Loafing

...You gave an excellent performance as Mommie Dearest! Don is still shaking and running. It was a fabulous evening and you were the highlight...
Loretta Garfinkle, Baltimore, MD
...Francine Wolf has been wowing "Rosie and Ira's Comedy Wedding" audiences for over nine years as the outrageous Myra Maida Gold Matza--the epitome and funniest of Brooklyn Jewish "helicopter" mothers. In our real live wedding show, Myra has sung, whined and danced her way into their our hearts and belly--laughs...
Laura Dent, Producer, Yellow Snow Productions
...My favorite part of the event was the chance to meet the "Queen." She was fabulous! From her dress to her mannerism, I felt the power of royalty and the fun of the British. When she came out and danced, it was as if she allowed the rest of the adults to channel their inner fun child...
V. N. Smith, Radio Disney AM 1380
…from the moment Sister Mary Mary danced into the restaurant in her in tap shoes, with personal greetings from the Pope, we couldn't keep ourselves from falling off our chairs with laughter!
Cher Tanner, Fast Track Happiness
Equally powerful were the backup characters...the wise-cracking Renee, played by Francine Wolf, rounds out the group of friends with her strong New York persona, dressed in her avant garde clothing...
From a review of "The Odd Couple, Female Version," in the St Petersburg Times, Hernando Today
…thank you for your talented performance at John Kent Village during their 30th Anniversary Celebration. Your outfit was beautiful, accent perfect and your "kibbutzing" with the guests… priceless.
Steven P. Lombardo, "Fritz"

…Other cast standouts include Penelope’s haggard servant and confidant, Eurykleia, a smirking dirty old woman played by Francine Wolf, who was easy to love…

                                 Review of “Hot Nights for the War Wives of Ithaca,” at Jobsite Theater –  Tampa Bay Times